Happy Friday!


As I push away from my desk my heart is filled with joy knowing that it is Friday night. Friday is a night of possibility, a night of fun and friends and times spent with my beautiful bride. I truly hope you make some time tonight to rejoice with those you love. Christmas is fast approaching and it would be a shame if you just hurried your way through the season without stopping to have a cocktail with those who mean the most to you.

Tonight is the annual Christmas Cocktail Party at our home. It will be a house full of friends and acquaintances sharing in the many gracious gifts of our God. If you happen to be near Ventura CA you are more than welcome to stop by for a drink or two!


But whatever you do, wherever you end up this evening make sure you pause to buy a drink for someone else. It could be a friend or a complete stranger, just spend a few bucks to spread some cheer – it’ll have ramifications far beyond what you can see.

Along those lines why not buy a T-shirt (for yourself or for a friend) and join us in making a stand for freedom in this messed up world.


Have a great evening my friends! Cheers!!