Happy Friday my Friends!

By Paul Koch


Well I sit in an airport in Indiana along with the Dean of Awesome wondering about the decisions, discussions and laughter of the past week. Wondering if the trip was worth it; wondering what was accomplished by flying halfway across the country to go to a Symposium at a gay Norwegian fishing village, wondering if I drank too much bourbon and wondering if perhaps I should have had just one more.

The thing is, I don’t have to wonder for too long. While I do miss my family and long to return home to my beautiful bride, there is something irreplaceable about the laughter of my friends over drinks, pipes and theology. There is something about the whole experience that caries restorative qualities for the soul. And that something makes the trip well worth it.


I hope that you all have something that enables you to recharge your batteries. Sure it may not be theological conversation and male laughter but I’m sure there something. And Fridays are uniquely suited for pursuing such things. Don’t squander your opportunities, take a hold of the one you love or call  up an old friend, head out to your neighborhood pub and relax in the comfort of a well worn bar stool. Put down your phone for a moment and find comfort in the simple joy a friend.

Cindy, I’ll be home soon and long to hold you in my arms but until my plane leaves I enjoy the time I’ve had. Not to mention, I think Ross just offered to buy me another drink!

Happy Friday! Cheers!!