Pray for ISIS

By Graham Glover


That is not a misprint. We should pray for ISIS.

We should pray that their barbarism comes to an end. Pray that their incessant terror is defeated. Pray that their bloodletting never happen again. Pray that justice comes to them – quickly and decisively. Pray that they would amend their evil ways. Pray that they repent. Pray that Satan loses his hold on their sadistic deeds.

We should pray for these things and more.

While those who make up their ranks represent the worst in humanity, they are and will remain part of the human race. This is why we must pray for ISIS. Despite their confession and their actions, they too are children of God.

What?! Members of ISIS are children of God?! Yes they are.


Their deeds are pure evil. They threaten the lives of the innocent. They slaughter anyone who does not embrace their creed. This past week, 21 of our fellow brothers in the faith were beheaded by their madness. But still we should pray for them. We should pray for their souls and their families, for they are in need of God’s grace.

But aren’t they our enemy? American Soldiers could soon be engaged in direct combat with them. How can we possibly pray for those who wish to do our nation, our allies, and the cause of liberty harm? Are we really called to pray for those who do not desire peace? Should those who desire a holy war be part of our daily prayers?


We should pray for ISIS in spite of and because of these things. Above all, we should pray for them because our Lord tells us to do so.


As the Church enters the Lenten season, with a renewed focus on prayer and repentance, I think we followers of the Risen Christ would do well to pray for our enemies, specifically ISIS. Imperfect and horrific as they are, they are our neighbor. They are our brother. They are, even with all the hate and venom that fills their veins, worthy of our prayers.

ISIS may never amend who they are or the god they represent. The terror that is at the heart of their cause may only be in its beginning stages. I have a feeling we will witness the atrocities of their maniacal movement for years to come. Yet still, we should pray for them. We should pray and trust in the Lord. Trust in His will. Trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. Trust in His grace.

So go ahead and pray for ISIS. Pray for them even though it doesn’t feel right and sound like something you want to do. Pray for them even as our Lord does.