The Answer to Our Political Hysteria

By Graham Glover


Sorry folks. I don’t have an answer. I certainly don’t have THE answer.

And neither do you.

Nobody does. Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats. Not the Church. Not the State. Not socialists, monarchists, communists, the Clintons, or the Bushes. Conservatives fail. Liberals fail. Libertarians and populists, as appealing as they sound, fail too. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans…the whole lot has no answer to our political malaise.

Have things gotten that out of hand? Are we beyond fixing? Is social chaos and armed conflict the new normal? Is a sense of reasonableness and pragmatism a pipe-dream in our political landscape?

I think we might be getting close. Complete and utter hysteria could be upon us.

I’m not necessarily referring to recent occurrences in Indiana. Nor do I think we are on the cusp because of the butchers known as ISIS or the ongoing instability in Israel and the former Soviet Republic. Regardless of what they decide, this summer the Supreme Court will alter our democracy for generations to come. But does this mean the survival of our republic hinges on their decisions? Who knows…

supreme court

What I do know, without any doubt, is that our imperfect, sinful nature will never allow for even a semblance of political perfection. This means hysteria is here to stay. Humanity is utterly incapable of such a utopia. Many have tried. Some try even today. The American experiment might be one of the best attempts. But one day our beloved nation will fail too. Is America close to its own Armageddon? Again, who knows…

The cynic in me wants the whole thing to implode – for the wretchedness of our wrongdoings to finally rear its ugly head. But this is my sinful self getting the better of me and something I know is not ideal. Possible, but not what anyone should desire.

However, what I also know, again without any doubt, is that we really do have THE answer. It’s not necessarily a political answer. In fact, it’s the furthest thing from one. It’s antithetical to everything we are and want as political animals.

This answer though is the only one we will ever need. It is the answer to everything that is wrong in our world and the reason for all that is good. This answer gives us hope when our political actors fail. It brings peace when warring armies continue to battle. It is an answer that changes lives by changing hearts. It lives not by the law of men, but by the grace of the Almighty. It’s not concerned with what our carnal impulses want, but with what our souls truly need.


And what an answer it is!

It is an answer we saw ride triumphantly into the Holy City on a colt to crowds yelling, “Hosanna!” An answer that we will see take bread and wine and offer it up as His Body and Blood for the forgiveness of our sins. This answer will be betrayed by those closest to Him, by those who should have known better, and by the leaders of His day. On Friday, this answer will die a death He did not deserve, but nonetheless, a death that had to occur. This answer will then descend into the depths of hell and rise triumphantly from the grave, defeating death and the power of Satan forever.

This answer is Jesus. And He is the only answer we need.

A blessed Holy Week and Easter to you all!