A Jagged Contention: Identity


“The rise of the buffered identity has been accompanied by an interiorization; that is, not only the Inner/Outer distinction, that between Mind and World as separate loci, which is central to the buffer itself; and not only the development of this Inner/Outer distinction in a whole range of epistemological theories of a mediational type from Descartes to Rorty;’ but also the growth of a rich vocabulary of interiority, an inner realm of thought and feeling to be explored. This frontier of self-exploration has grown, through various spiritual disciplines of self-examination, through Montaigne, the development of the modern novel, the rise of Romanticism, the ethic of authenticity, to the point where we now conceive of ourselves as having inner depths.” 

― Charles Taylor, “A Secular Age


Is Taylor correct?  Is this a relatively new phenomena? If Taylor is correct, how does this go with or against Scripture’s teaching about the individual vs. community. How does it agree with or contradict Scripture’s teaching regarding the individual in terms of spirit and material or spirit vs. material?  How does a congregation full of people who think they have buffered identities challenge the Pastor’s work of overseeing, preaching, ministering?

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