Happy Friday!


Well once again we’ve made it through another work week, and once again it has been a busy one here at The Jagged Word.

But now its time to slide back from whatever it is that is consuming your thoughts and worrying your mind. It’s time to call the babysitter and take the one you love out for some much needed downtime. Why not head out to your neighborhood coffee shop and settle into a well worn sofa. Maybe you can call up some old friends and sing along to the soft music playing the background or even do a little impromptu poetry reading – if your brave enough.


Friday evening is a perfect time to get off your phone for a while and get lost in the face to face conversation happening all around you. It’s a time where laughter doesn’t have to be encouraged by the laugh-track on your favorite sitcom but spring up from the joy of the moment you’re living. Who knows you might actually start that book club you’ve always wanted to get going.


And when you go out tonight take a moment to buy a latte or a mocha for a neighbor. Do it for no other reason than to simply spread a little cheer this Friday!


Who are we  kidding – We’ll see you at the pub! Happy Friday my friends!