Friday, Friday, Friday!


It’s time to get away, time to drink deep of our God’s good and gracious gifts, time to call the babysitter and tell the love of your life to dress up for an incredible night out! It’s Friday my friends. That’s right, it’s a night of wonderful possibilities.  It is a night to be embraced by the joy of happy hour and welcomed by the smile of the cheerful bartender.


I hope as you head out this evening you take time to appreciate the many and wonderful gifts our Lord has blessed our lives with. Think of the music played on the jukebox or the local band having a go at your local hangout.  Think of the amazing combination of Bourbon, sweet vermouth and cherries. Think of the delightful sound of good friends laughing out loud. Truly ours is a rich and cheerful God.

Whatever you do this evening, make sure you have some fun. Lighten up a buy and buy a stranger a drink.