Stop being a Facebook Christian

By Joel Hess

A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustration

How in the world did America go from being a majority against same sex marriage to a majority for it?  Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and bumper stickers.

Facebook allows for an exponential spreading of quick slogans. Period. And who is going to argue against a rainbow or against two people who are holding hands with the proclamation, “love wins”? No one. Within a day teenage girls are posting and sharing these slogans throughout the world with no thought involved at all. Hitler would have loved Facebook. Isis certainly enjoys the internet. Our amazing ability to communicate quickly is negated by the requirement of very short slogans and pictures!

Like the tower of Babel, great communication among blinded sinners produces dumb ideas! I promise you Facebook is the only reason America has changed its mind about same sex marriage. It is the tower of Babel effect, pure and simple.


God’s dispersion of people and confusion of language was a blessing not a curse.

But, just as Facebook propelled us into these confused times, Christians only make it worse as they try to play the Facebook game as well! Stop being a Facebook Christian! Stop flinging cute little phrases and mass accusations hoping that your enemy will suddenly be convinced! It ain’t going to work, and it makes you look like a jerk. I don’t care how incredibly convincing and clever you think you are.

Facebook forces us to categorize each other, box them up, and divide them into sides. Facebook wars rob people of their people-ness! This country is increasingly divided not because of one side that is way wrong – though I believe it is. This country is divided because the asinine political games we witness in campaign ads that cost candidates billions of dollars can now be achieved for free on social media!

Launching clever memes on issues is not evangelism or love. Your neighbors, your Facebook friends, your enemies are real people.


This past Sunday many of us heard the wonderful story of Jesus healing the nameless, poor, lonely woman on route to raising from the dead the powerful and rich synagogue ruler’s daughter. Two people on opposite ends of the many social spectrums. Yet they are united by death. By desperation. By fear and loneliness, sin and guilt.  We are united with them.

And we are all united by the one cure, the one Savior, Jesus Christ. As Luther said, “we are just beggars, beggars telling others where the food is!”

That is your neighbor, your Facebook friend or enemy. They are dying. They are losing. They are scared and at night when the lights go off and the door is locked. They are afraid.

They don’t need quick little slogans, but long face to face conversations with words that are accompanied by mercy.

Get off your Facebook, get away from the bomb flinging, and “evil” and “hater” slinging. Walk your ass over to your neighbor’s house with a cup of water.