Have a Great Weekend!


There is no doubt that it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the troubles and problems in our world. We can become consumed with a steady diet of political posturing, extravagant wastefulness and hateful rhetoric. But lift up your heads a bit higher today for we’ve made it through yet again. We’ve made it to the weekend.


And of course this isn’t just any ordinary weekend, it is a time for BBQ’s and baseball games, it’s time to give thanks to God. Not only for the Word and Sacraments but for cold beer and hot dogs on the grill. It is a time to gather with our families and friends and remember the blessings of being a citizen of this great country.


We truly hope that all our readers have some fun. Get out and enjoy a few laughs. Spoil your kids a bit. Embrace your lover. Call up some old friends and get together to retell old stories. Maybe even make a few new ones.


For me, I’ll be heading out with my pop and a few friends to see Kershaw and the boys in blue do some work at the ballgame tonight. We’ll enjoy a few dodger dogs and insanely priced beers and we’ll do it with smiles on our faces.

So enjoy your weekend! If your heading down to your local watering hole be sure to be safe and try to bring some cheer to the strangers around you. Go ahead and buy a round, after all this is our independence we’re celebrating.