I Did It; I Swam the River

By Graham Glover


I’m guessing some of you think I’m referring to swimming the Tiber River, that is, leaving Lutheranism for fellowship with the Bishop of Rome. Sorry to disappoint, but a Lutheran I am, and Lord willing, a Lutheran I will remain.

I have however swum in a couple of rivers these past six weeks and crossed countless more, moving from Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia to Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina, with stops in Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina along the way. Our stay in the Palmetto State will be brief, as I spend the next several months attending the Chaplain Captains Career Course at the United States Army Chaplain Center and School. We’ll be on the road again come December, to a destination Uncle Sam will let us know about sometime later this fall.


Things are a little chaotic at Chez Glover this week. Our household goods just arrived to the new abode, creating hours of unpacking, along with meeting new neighbors, registering for a different school, and most importantly figuring out where we will worship (the perpetual dilemma of being a Lutheran in the South). But fear not, The Emperor’s Chair will be back in force next week, stirring the pot once again, making friends and foes uncomfortable and challenging all of our preconceived notions about things religious and political.

In the meantime it’s back to the classroom for me and off to find another river I just might want to swim…