The Church Will Be Here When You Have Reached The End Of The Rope

By Joel Hess


Recently I enjoyed a discussion with one my members. She works in the health department and helps pregnant women receive much needed healthcare before and after pregnancy. She loves her job. She loves helping people. However, she expressed her frustration with the irony of working for the government. She is not allowed to talk about the Faith (unless it is brought up by the client) nor is she really allowed to talk about right and wrong decisions. The irony lies in the fact that our tax dollars will not be used to advise people to make proper moral decisions, yet your money will be used to pay for the predictable results of people’s foolish decisions! Yet despite her frustrations with such an asinine pseudo secular society, she continues to do her job because she is compelled “morally” by God to care for people!

So it is with the Church. Increasingly our government and our society not only closes its ears to Christ’s voice, but acts hostile to it. Shut up! the world snaps, when God calls sexual relations between the same sex wrong, or sexual relations outside of a man and woman publically committing themselves to each other (marriage) wrong, or treating human beings like animals as taught in evolution and practiced in pornography wrong.  Shut up, Church; we will hand out condoms to 8th graders. We will be silent when a kid wonders about his sexual desires. We will remain quiet when a man finds yet another woman to leave with a child. None of our business. Don’t push your religion on them. Keep your laws off my body. Just give me your money.

Basically most Americans don’t want God, or anyone for that matter, to tell them what to do! As if God’s rules are just arbitrary and alien laws someone long ago randomly picked out of a bingo jar.


Meanwhile women are left alone by Planned Parenthood secretly suffering in shame, carrying the weight of their guilt. Kids are abandoned by dad because he pursued his sexual desires instead of them. Women are orphaned by the sex industry. Babies are born without a father in the picture and a mother who can barely make ends meet. Young teenagers are permanently changing their bodies searching for meaning and peace only to wake up in regret and loneliness. Kids grow up watching perverted sexual activity by their “parents” because their parents thought it was their “right” to have a kid. Cities are filled with lonely people spun off this out of control merry-go-round.

And to those who are left in the ditch by immoral choices, who are stranded on the other side of the road, ran over by the narcissistic thieves of this shallow age; to those who have found themselves at the end of their rope, after they have tried going their own way; to those who are guilty, who have been broken, confused, tired, and empty; the church and her Jesus says – come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest.

You see, America, when it is all said and done and you have exercised your freedom and exorcised your God, you found yourself wishing you were a pig eating pea pods.


We will be here.

Jesus will be here.

No matter how much you want it right now, the Lord and His church aren’t going anywhere.

We will take your children when you are done with them.

We will take your guilt and your shame and wash it in His blood.

We will hug you when you return, we will run out to the road when we see the first glimpse of your face.

We will be here. The Church will be here. Christ will be here.

So go on, Emperor in your new clothes, marching in your parade in all your pride.

We will be here with the robes of Christ’s righteousness to cover every sin.

Go on buying kids, killing kids, selling kids like vampires needing blood to live.

We will be here with the body and blood of Christ shed for the forgiveness of all your sins.

When it is all said and done, America itself will be gone.

The Church will remain

for you.