A Jagged Contention: How Evangelicals Read the Bible


“Yeah. I read Scripture pretty simply even though I’ve been through seminary and everything else. I try to read with an open mind and be led by the Spirit. I try to picture myself stuck an island reading it over and over and ask, What would I naturally conclude? What would be the thing about God that I’d be most struck by? I would definitely be shocked and awed by his love, but I’m more stunned by his power, and his seriousness, his holiness maybe even more than his love. I don’t want to say his love’s no big deal. He loves us but nonetheless the reoccurring theme is about his power, his glory, his holiness.”

– Francis Chan in an interview from 2011 with Christianity Today.


What do you think of Chan’s approach to reading the Bible? Is it wise to approach scripture with nothing but an “open mind” and a willingness to be “led by the Spirit?” Should we consider ourselves alone on an island with nothing but our natural conclusions? What role does the church play in how we read the Bible?

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