A Jagged Contention: The Heart of Christianity


“Christianity at its heart is not a set of moral teachings or ethics—it is Good News. It is a story of redemption of man by God who became man. Take away Christ from Christianity an you are not left with moral teachings—you are left with an immoral religion built on the false promises of a deluded and defrauding megalomaniac. All four of the Gospels center around the last week of the life of Christ, thus giving emphasis to the centrality of His death for the sins of humankind. In fact, the old Lutheran dogmaticians called Christ’s preaching of the Law his “alien work” to make clear that a ministry of wrath and condemnation was not why the Son of Man came into the world. The Law does not distinguish Christianity from any other religions, as C. S. Lewis makes clear in The Abolition of Man.”

– Craig Parton, The Defense Never Rests: A Lawyer’s Quest for the Gospel. pg. 74


How is this understanding of Christianity different from many popular understandings of the faith? Why is it that Christianity is so often associated with morality and ethics as opposed to the Good News of our crucified God? How does presenting the Gospel over and against mere morality impact our apologetic efforts?

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