What to Get the Gamer in Your Life

By Jaime Nava


Now that Thanksgiving is over, we all know that the green and red are coming out, unless your Starbucks. Eh, who am I kidding? It’s been out for a while now. And prepare for Bing Crosby and Bobby Helms to be set to Muzak in elevators across America. Although Black Friday is over for most of us, there’s Cyber Monday. That’s right, the day when you can sit in your skivvies and order all kinds of electronic things from the comfort of your favorite comfy chair is almost upon us. And since you might be wondering what to get that gamer in your life, I can offer my own not so humble advice – because I can.

To begin with, let’s start with consoles. What’s a console you ask? Oh, that’s cute. Oh, you’re serious? It’s the machine that plays games. Think of the old Nintendo machine you blew in to make it work. You never did that? Shame on you. Anyways, there’s some major consoles out there today that will make grown men shriek for joy (esp. if he’s a hipster [because hipsters, am I right?]). There’s the PlayStation 4. Although it’s been around for a little while, the graphics on this system are ridonkulous. This is effectively an excellent gaming computer for the price of a cheap tablet. Along the same lines is the XBOX One. Instead of Sony you have Microsoft behind the wheel. Along with the Kinect, the XBOX is trying more to be an entertainment center as well as able to play video games. Both are great.


They already have a console? Then it’s on to the games. Fallout 4 just came out. Although I have yet to play it (because I don’t pay full price for any video games) from what I hear it is fulfilling all the hype that it built up. Maybe your gamer prefers PC games (because Macs are useless when it comes to most games). That opens an entire world of different games. You have RPG, FPS, RTS or TBS… Don’t know what I’m talking about? Hmm. Don’t go that route then.

Maybe they’d prefer accessories. There’s some great wireless headphones out there because everyone hates wires. There’s wireless mice and keyboards. There’s all kinds of wireless things. Be careful, though. Everyone has a preferred mouse type, keyboard, and yes, even headphones. Maybe accessories aren’t the best idea.


Finding what to get the gamer in your life can be difficult. They are opinionated and self-centered when it comes to video games and with their time, generally. I think the best thing a gamer needs is Jesus. (That’s right, I went there.) So do you. (Yup, I went there too.) You and your gamer need to get out of the house. I’m not saying go just anywhere. Get your rump off the couch, off your comfy chair, and get it in the pew. There’s an entire month of Advent, a new start to the church year that is ahead of you and your gamer. The thing you both need is to hear is that terrible, horrible, no good, very rotten sinners (you) have a Savior. It’s not a game. Yes, David, this is real life. So for the month of Advent, go to church. Go on Sunday. Go to a soup supper on Wednesday night. Go to Christmas Eve. *Gasp* Even go to celebrate the birth of our Lord on Christmas day; you know, that holy day of wrapping paper or something like that.

There is no greater gift than to hear the Word of absolution from the mouth of your pastor. God sees your sin. He sees how you and your gamer slander your neighbors. He hears how you tell each other lies. He watches while you take Him for granted. And after all that He has something to tell you. You are forgiven. What stupid console, game, or accessory will provide this amazing declaration? What thing could you possibly wrap that would provide something eternal (yeah, a Bible, you smart aleck). This is what you both need to hear. So do yourselves a solid and go hear the favor of God toward sinners. It’s a great gift that Christ won by His precious blood for you and your gamer. I don’t care what else you buy for Christmas, this is what to get the gamer in your life.