Planned Parenthood is Right! Rhetoric Causes Murder

By Joel Hess


It’s True! Rhetoric Causes People to Murder

It’s true.  Those who believe that it is ok to kill a baby for any reason at any time up to the very moment of birth are probably right.  Robert Dear’s rampage last week at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood was at least partly the result of being under the influence of pro-life rhetoric. Of course he very well could have simply looked at the facts, pictures and all, of what goes on in an abortion clinic.  It’s not ridiculous that such images would be enough to push an already unstable man over the edge.

Rhetoric does indeed have consequences. That being said, no one is out there in the pro-life movement encouraging terrorist actions. So there is no smoking gun. Still, if someone is told often enough that butchers are chopping up babies and selling their parts, it might beg the question – what should we do about such an atrocity?

So, on behalf of those who believe it’s wrong to kill a baby days before it would normally be born, we are very sorry that Mr. Dear took the lives of people he had no right to take.


Of course, now perhaps it is time for Planned Parenthood’s apology. Or have you not heard of the baby found buried alive in Los Angeles a couple of days ago. Or perhaps the famous case of Melissa Drexler who gave birth to a child, only to put him in the trash and return to her prom dance in 1997. There are many similar stories.

These stories should not surprise us. The rhetoric of pro-abortion folks regularly reminds us that a woman should be able to do whatever she wants to with what is in her body logically applies to a baby seconds after her first breath as much as seconds before. The rhetoric that we are only animals, who appear on the earth for no reason except random chance, certainly does not place human life on a high level. If a doctor kills a child moments before birth he is a hero, but if the actual mother of the child kills the baby, she is a villain?

It is true, words have consequences. They influence people even unintentionally. Repeated words even more so! Even if they have no basis in science, logic, or simple observation.

If anyone owes an apology for creating a culture of killing in this here United States, it isn’t those who hold high the value of all life: no matter how viable, disabled, young, old, strong, weak, rich or poor.


Lord forgive me for my words as well, as I break people down even in my own family, as I gossip about others, slander them without trial. Forgive me for my contribution to a culture of death.

Words are powerful. But the words of men are ultimately so empty. So I am moved by another’s rhetoric. Well, more than just rhetoric. I am moved by the words of the One who rose again, even more, the One who died for all men including the leaders of Planned Parenthood, Robert Dear, you, and me.

Unlike anyone else, His Words count. They have power. His Words indeed condemn my words and actions, as well as those of Mr. Dear, Miss Drexler, and the pro-abortion lobby. Yet Jesus also speaks forgiveness not revenge, mercy not punishment, life not death!

May His rhetoric create in me a new heart, continue to mold me to be more like the person He says I am in holy baptism. May His Words have their way with us all.