A Jagged Contention: The Nativity


“Let us, then, meditate upon the Nativity just as we see it happening in our won babies. I would not have you contemplate the deity of Christ, the majesty of Christ, but rather his flesh. Look upon the baby Jesus. Divinity may terrify man. Inexpressible majesty will crush him. This is why Christ took on our humanity, save for sin, that he should not terrify us but rather that with love and favor he should console and confirm.”

– Martin Luther, Martin Luther’s Christmas Book, pg. 33


It is easy to look at our nativity scenes and pick them apart. For example, we know the shepherds and magi showed up at different times. We also know that there was no inn-keeper shoving the holy family in with the animals. But, what theological truths can we draw from our nativity scenes? How do they preach hope to us?

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