Happy New Year! Leave Me Alone!

By Bob Hiller

I am an introvert. I love people and I love being around them…for a short period of time. Ultimately, it becomes exhausting for me to be social. I can put on a good show, hold up small-talk conversations for a few minutes, and enjoy the company of others. Then, I want a nap. That’s why I usually take one on Sunday afternoon. I love serving the church on Sunday morning, but, oh man, it wipes me out!

Which is why I have been looking forward to this week! I have run the pastor’s sprint through Advent and Christmas and now I am on vacation with my family in Colorado! Though, to be honest, it doesn’t slow down much here. I’ve got obligations to see my family and my wife’s family and their families and the families of their families (that’s a lot of family). I have friends I want to catch up with and parties I want to attend. I love all of it, but it is exhausting for one like me who claims introversion as a defining personal characteristic.

Closeup of American Football on Field

But, today is different! Today is the introverted football fan’s dream! By the time you are reading this, I hope to be in front of my dad’s massive big screen, beer in hand, making a nice imprint of my rear on the couch. And I want to move as little as possible! There are five major bowl games today, each looking to be a decent watch. There will be plenty of football to talk about after last night’s semi-final games. No in depth conversation, no crowds to impress. Just football, beer, and a few beloved family members. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of me resting. Ahhhhh….

So, Happy New Year from the Haymaker! It is truly a joy and an honor to write this blog for you all and I’ll look forward to more in 2016. But for now, leave me alone! I’ve got football to watch! Someone get me a beer…