A Distant Dream?

By Cindy Koch

The air was fresh and calm. A young sun wrapped the new earth in a blanket of perfect warmth. The whole creation seemed to take a tranquil sigh. It was a glorious day of naming beasts and birds for Adam. The Lord had brought every animal to the man: furry, feathery, scaly, large and small, brave and meek. They poured out from every corner of the green field, but now each receded into the background as the earth fell quiet, again. Except for the slow trickle of the cool clear stream, sounds of the first birds and beasts fell hushed. His eyes were heavy. Velvety soft ferns cushioned his head as a wave of relaxation rushed over him. Peacefully, Adam fell into a deep perfectly sound sleep.

Certainly Adam was not the only creature in that breathtaking garden. The man had the honored job of naming all of the creatures of God. God brought to him animals of every kind, each one submitting to Adam as their caretaker. Even though the newborn world was filled with creatures, the Lord was concerned because His man was “alone”. Even after Adam named all of the wonderful creations, not one of them matched God’s great masterpiece of man.

I wonder what God was looking for? What kind of helper was necessary for this man? This human could carry out all of his tasks easily. The perfect world in which he lived sheltered and fed him abundantly. He could take care of the garden. He had dominion over God’s animals and birds. The open happy connection with God kept him from any want or need. But yet, God was concerned; Adam lay sleeping, alone.


The Lord formed Adam limb by limb from the very dust where he now slept. Before there was any life or vegetation on the dust, God designed Adam. He breathed on that dry form in order to fill this man with life. The man was gently placed in a stunning garden with life and water and plants surrounding him. But now, the Lord would create yet another creature in a very special way.  The Lord gently pulled up the skin on one side of the slumbering Adam and took his rib.

This creation did not come from the dust of the earth. This creation did not magically descend from heaven. But right out of the middle of God’s fleshly image came forth a new life. Adam’s warm living bone was the foundation for a magnificent creature that could not yet be found on the earth. The Lord carefully and intentionally built a helper who completely corresponded to Adam. None of the animals were able to fulfill this role, this special companionship. This helper was unlike anything that had been formed from the dust, she was actually sculpted from another creation, the man. But, the man slept on, unaware of God’s gift of new life which came from his very side.

As consciousness dreamily drifted back before the man’s eyes, Adam caught a glimpse of an animal that he didn’t remember. She was incredibly attractive and yet, so familiar. Wait, he thought, this is something entirely different. Blinking vigorously, so as not to lose sight of her, the sleepy haze melted into a magnificent vision. Adam slowly stood up from his grassy bed, gasping between the lumps of emotion welling up in his throat. She moved smoothly, in a flawless rhythm to the man’s quickened heartbeat. Adam’s tiny overjoyed tears blurred the glorious procession as God presented to the man his long awaited helper.

adam and eve

“Bone of my Bone!” cried Adam. He recognized this great deed of his Creator from the first glance. The Lord had constructed a being that was his impeccable compliment. “Flesh of my Flesh,” he whispered as she was brought even closer. He embraced her soft warm cheek with the palm of his hand. His other arm cradled his own side, from where she was taken.

“I will call her woman, because she has been taken from man,” Adam declared gazing into those familiar bright eyes. His task of naming God’s creatures was as glorious as ever when he had given his bride and flesh-mate his own name. He confessed by her name that she was from him, with him, and at his side. There was something special and unique about this relationship. No other creature was yet created so intentionally from another. The very life that God gave Adam, was the intrinsic foundation for this woman. The Lord found Adam to be incomplete; his loneliness was not good. Man was not created to roam the garden to live independently. Nor was the woman created to be alone. They were created for flesh and bone unity, and God’s creation was good.

God’s gifts were poured upon Adam and Eve as they were extraordinarily created in the image of God. The openly walked and talked with the Lord and they completely did what they were created to do. Adam named and ruled the creatures of the earth. He was also given to be God’s gardener. Eve was given the gift of bearing human life in her body and to be a help to her husband. Their special tasks flowed easily from the hand-crafted bodies of their Creator. They were created to please God and to please one another. They existed together as one: a complete human. Both man and woman naturally and joyfully lived in the gifts that they were given. God saw this was certainly good.