Beautiful Chaos – Neat and Tidy

By Scott Keith

*Dear Readers:

Mrs. Rachel Francisco is the author of this blog. She is the wife of Dr. Adam Francisco and mother of four. I consider it an honor to take the opportunity to give up my regular spot to give others a “shot” at making their voice public.

Rachel has done so beautifully here. I ask you to consider her words and leave her feedback. In my opinion, she is a natural writer. Her words should not be ignored

I love order. I love having columns and boxes to check. I love when things are neat, tidy, and organized. Enter four creative, imaginative children. Add in homeschooling, and in comes CHAOS! Gone are the days of everything being in its place, and farewell to freshly mopped floors that stay clean longer than five minutes.

All the older, wiser mothers tell me to embrace the messiness and cherish every moment. Let’s be real, I’m just trying to survive and keep those active munchkins alive for another day. There are moments when there is little to no cherishing going on. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s brutally honest.


It’s often too much to fathom the realization that the next day holds the same “magic” as today. I’m not saying that I don’t love my children, nor that my vocation of mother is one I don’t appreciate. The reality is quite the opposite.

I realize these kiddos are gifts from God, and that I’ve been entrusted with their care each and every day. That’s why I often panic and dread future days. Because I KNOW I’m going to fail miserably. I will not be patient when too many questions are asked AT. THE. SAME. TIME. I will not be kind when they are whining… AGAIN. I will not be quick to forgive when they have chosen to deliberately disobey. I will say things I can’t take back. I will grumble to myself when the day doesn’t go according to plan (Who am I kidding? I will announce my disappointment to everyone).

There are times when I’m doing anything but embracing life and cherishing my children. Even when I tell myself to change, to start each day with renewed vigor and zeal, I wind up repeating the same nonsense as the day before.


Even so, despite my failures and my ungratefulness, God does not leave me or turn away from me. No matter how horribly I mess up, on account of the person and work of Christ, I stand forgiven.  He continues to bless me with my four children who gift me with smiles, hugs, and love despite my sin. These are the things I treasure.

My failures don’t determine whether or not I am called to be a mother. My harsh words don’t keep my children from loving me. The Lord continues to gift me one more day. So, I’ll keep treading water, sinning like a champ, and attempt to cherish the beauty that chaos brings.