Last Day to Join the Cause

Today is the final day to partner with The Jagged Word and support our current Bell Ringer. We like to have a good time here and try to do our part to spread this joy to others. You can help us in this endeavor by donating to The Bell Ringer’s Fund.

The Bell Ringer’s Fund was established to present a check to a deserving seminarian with no strings attached.It is our hope that they will go out and buy a few beers for their classmates and buy a couple of books for their personal library. All monies donated to The Bell Ringer’s Fund goes directly to the student we are supporting.


This is the last week we will be raising money for our 2016 Bell Ringer from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne. You can read all about this year’s Bell Ringer here.

If you can spare a buck or two, click on the donation button to give any amount you wish. If you’ve already made a donation, why not give a few bucks more. Thanks or all your help!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Thank you for helping us spread some joy! Cheers!!