The Other Guy

By Jaime Nava

So I was doing this one thing the other day. I overheard someone talking about something I hated. I could not believe they would even talk about it in public. What kind of people would even support this thing? They must have been brainwashed to think that thing that I overheard that one time I was doing that one thing the other day. I paused for a second to look at the other person who said that one thing. I didn’t notice it before, but yeah, I should have noticed it to begin with. They dressed like a person who says things I don’t like. I was getting into my car from that place the other day, and I saw that person get into their car with their kind of clothes. Ah. It all made sense. They’re one of those people who drive one of those kinds of cars.

I got in the car to come home. People were driving that one way that they do that always drives me nuts. I wanted to do that thing I shouldn’t do while driving but I didn’t. Instead, I showed my disapproval with a clear shake of my head. Where do these people learn to do that thing they do while the drive? It drives me nuts. Don’t they know how to drive in an area like this? Oh, and I saw one of those people on the side of the road at that one place. I can’t believe there’re people like that. Why does anyone allow people like that to be like that? How does someone get to be like that? Isn’t someone’s parents responsible for raising someone better?


I got home and sighed. It’s a pain making my way through all those people. Finally, I was home. I brought in the stuff I went out to get that one time on that one day. After putting it away, I went online to check Facebook. Just when I thought it was safe, those people who put those things on their profiles were at it again. What is wrong with those people? It’s those kind of people who are going to destroy our country. All that stuff they post boggles my mind. But then I came across that stuff I liked. Someone posted that thing I think is so right, so I gave it thumbs and hearts and stars or whatever. That’s the kind of thing I want people to post. That person has it so right. It’s about time someone finally said something that I think is so dead on. It’s too bad other people don’t put two and two together and come up with the right conclusions to this stuff.

I got tired and went off to bed. I said my prayers before going to bed, “Thank you, Lord, for not making me like those people…”