The Legend of the Plastic Easter Egg

By Cindy Koch

Long ago, before Pinterest and Instagram, there was a cheesy plastic Easter egg. There was nothing terribly special about her, except that she was a nice shiny yellow with her middle neatly cracked open to reveal a hollow inside. There were many just like her gathered in the bucket on the shelf. Empty, polished shells just waiting.

It was rumored among the plastic eggs that they were great and amazing. They heard that people from all over would come to seek them as treasure. The promises were so great that the little egg dreamed of the happy future every night. She could hardly wait for the long awaited Easter morning.

One day, her bucket was pulled from the dark shelf. As the plastic eggs sat on the kitchen table, the little yellow one had a chance to look around. She was in a charmingly decorated house with plastic eggs everywhere! On the mantle, two beautiful ceramic eggs stood at attention. Delicate hand-painted eggs were nestled in a flower pot by the sink. Intricately designed hard-boiled eggs were drying on the counter. The little yellow egg looked down at her ordinary plastic shell, and she was dismayed.

“Why would anyone want me?” she wondered. There were so many fancy and unique eggs displayed; a silly little plastic one wasn’t anything special. If only she had a little flower sticker or maybe a colorful band around her middle. Maybe then she would be a little more attractive. She began to wonder if her hope of a happy Easter was really true. The house grew dark and the little egg sadly drifted off to sleep.


The little yellow egg awoke to a jolt of her basket. The company of plastic eggs jiggled in the bright morning sun. During the night, someone had rearranged the eggs, and now the yellow egg peeked from a wicker window from the side of the basket. She felt the fresh air against her plastic shell and almost forgot her disappointment. Soon, the basket stopped. A hand gently cradled her out into the sunshine. What an amazing day! Blue skies, a soft green meadow. But the hand didn’t stop, and it nestled the egg deep in a tall tuft of green stalks. The sunlight disappeared from the little yellow egg’s back. She was hidden deep in the shadows of the grass.

The poor little egg began to cry. How would anyone ever find her here, an ordinary plastic egg veiled in the shadows of the tall grass? Now she really started to doubt all of the amazing stories of Easter morning. No one would be coming. She was alone.

Suddenly, she heard a rustle in the grass beside her. A newly polished shoe swung right over her little yellow shell. A little boy had wandered into the meadow. She wanted to scream; she wanted to jump, but she was a plastic egg, so all she could do was lay still. This little boy stared at the ground, carefully pulling at tufts of grass. Slowly he ran his hand across the ground right where the little plastic egg sat.

easter egg hunt

“I found it!” The boy grabbed the little yellow egg and held her up high. He shouted, cheered, and did a little dance around the green grass. He had found an Easter Egg!

Ever so gently, the boy pressed on the side of the yellow plastic egg. Her middle gently opened and revealed something surprising: she was filled with delicious chocolate treats and little toys! The little egg was shocked. She had no idea those beautiful gifts were inside her. She didn’t put them there, yet she was filled with good things, and the boy knew it.

Your God is so great. He takes the dirty, ordinary, everyday, and even shameful things and fills them with His awesome gifts. He gives simple water the life-changing power of eternal life. He wraps bread and wine with Christ’s blood of forgiveness. He fills you, a filthy sinner, with a clean and righteous heart.

“For the Mighty One has done great things to me, and holy is His name… He has filled the hungry with good things…” Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55)

This Easter morning, rejoice in the ordinary plastic eggs. They are not special or beautiful, but they are much to be desired because they have been filled with good things.