To Those Who Struggle with Sexual Identity: We Love You

By Joel A. Hess

There is one group of people who have been left out during the battle between President Obama and Classical Liberal Americans: people truly struggling with their sexual identity. Many rightly complain about the Obama administration’s bizarre fiat forcing fourteen-year-old girls to undress in the presence of eighteen-year-old men. The government claims that their draconian mandate is the result of compassion. Many who agree with allowing anyone to use any bathroom are sincerely concerned for individuals suffering from gender dysphoria.

On the other side, many Americans don’t buy in to the claim that a person can truly be trapped in the wrong body. There is no hard evidence for it, let alone conclusive. Even if there was evidence of it, why would the answer be to change the body? Why not the mind, like every other mind-body disorder. As experts in this field have already pointed out, why don’t we treat transgender people the same way we help people with eating disorders? How can an administration force anyone to comply with something that has no basis in observation, science, or reason? Well, it can if its playbook is from the outdated Communist era.

Yet, don’t be too hasty, dear Christians, in throwing the real victims under the bus as you grow in anger over the Maoist cultural revolution forced upon us by our Fuhrer. The real victims are not the Church, Christianity, or conservatives.  The real victims are those truly confused about their sexual identity. The LGBTQ lobby uses them to achieve their goal of forcing people to accept sex with anyone/anything at anytime and anywhere. May the Church refuse to use them for the opposite goal!

These people are not animals, as the Left wants us all to be. They are human beings. They were made in God’s image. Jesus dearly loves each one just as He loves you and whatever disorder entangles your mind and body.


Last week, I enjoyed a conversation with the director of a wonderful agency in town that deals with healing sexual abuse victims. She talked about the increasing number of gay and transgender kids. All of them have the same story of abuse, misuse, and dysfunction. Yes, I know that while that is a common denominator of most abnormal sexual desires, it isn’t the case with all. Regardless, these people, like all people, need our patience, our ear, our generosity, our humility, and most importantly JESUS.

The fascists want us to push them away so they can say “See! Christians hate you.” Don’t fall for it. Let us watch how we speak about all of God’s creation. Let us not talk “us” and “them.” This debate is not about the future of America; it’s about the future of human beings; sons and daughters—children, whom God loves. Do not treat them as objects in our war of words and ideas.

Unlike America, Christ’s Church will be around when the dust settles—when people reach the end of their rope, and when neighbors find themselves in a hole and politicians, philosophers, movements, and Hollywood are nowhere to help. May the Church have the reputation of Jesus, of the prodigal Father, of the patient gardener, and of the Groom at the well so they may repent and believe, like all of us messed up fools, the Good News.