Blessed Earth

By Jaime Nava

My wife is waddling around with our second child in her womb. She is in full glow. It boggles me to consider how amazing it is to have a human being growing in inside another. Yet, it happens every day. It is common. There are those who would carelessly destroy such a gift. There are those who would profit on the same death. Yet, as little as some consider that tender life and despite how common it is, it retains all the mystery of God sustaining the human race.

Consider where humanity comes from: the dust. Since the fall, we return to the same. Even so, the dust that God used was very good to make something that was also very good. Consider this: the dust God used was so good that it continues to sustain human life. In your skin, your blood, and your teeth, you have coursing through you the dust that God used to make Adam. That holy and precious ground was so good that it sustains you and all humanity, even now. Every pregnancy passes on this priceless gift to another generation that God sustains with the sacred ground He formed so long ago.

With the first murder, the living ground cried out to God. What was taken from the ground was meant to subdue it. Instead, it was sent back to be swallowed up by the thing from which it was taken. To murder, to abort, is to attack this holy ground. It is to reject the gift of the sacred dust from which we all stem. It attempts to undo what God has ordered. Murder is not the only way. To deny the objective truth of your sex is to deny this holy ground, as well. To manipulate our bodies into other forms is an attempt to take the position of God, to reform the dust from which we came. It should not be. The list of how we mistreat the holy ground from whence we come is long.

The Creation of Man by Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

Christ Himself took up this same dust. We were made in His image, and He took up this fleshly mantle with the rest of us clods. As He ministered, He saw those who would manipulate and abuse these sacred things God has made. Prostitutes and gluttons surrounded Him. Lepers and the lame were His charge. He restored so many from their helpless estate the same way He knit Adam together from the crust of the earth. He even gave up the holy sod of His own body. He died for prostitutes and homos and abortionists. He died for white supremacists and white privileged. He died for terrorists and presidential candidates. He died for your friends and for your enemies. He died for republicans and democrats (and independents). He died for Bruce Jenner and for me, the chief of sinners. He died for the people you are quick to judge. He died for you. Water and blood poured out from His form back onto the ground, onto the dust, to redeem it. The price He paid was too enormous to fathom. Yet, we know that it is so grand that it could not only pay the debt of all humanity in the past, it continues to pay in full now and into the future. The turf of our bodies is redeemed with blood, precious blood.

We await a resurrection of all flesh. On the Last Day, all the dead will rise. It will be a mass Exodus from the dust that we will have been hidden in for a time. The earth will cough us up before the feet of Jesus. All flesh will be made immortal, the way we were first created. Then will come the separation. Some to Christ’s left and some to His right, the wheat from the tares. The bodies will live on in a New Heaven and Earth. Some will be sent to a place prepared for the devil and his. In either case, the holy ground from which we were taken will continue to live on perpetually.

As you drive, as you shop, as you go out to eat consider those wrapped in the Blessed Earth around you, take care of them for they are precious to Christ. As you watch the news and follow the election process, take care what you think or say about those others. Despite their sins, they are made from holy stuff. They need the same redemption that you do. The soil made in the first week is strong stuff. It trickles through all generations sustained by God’s command. Let us care for it the way God intends us to. Let us especially share the news of its redemption in Christ. Everyone you see and hear is made up from God’s precious dust.