Guys – Stop ordaining our women!

By Cindy Koch

I know you think it’s a helpful and progressive thing. I’m guessing you know some pretty amazing gals. I’m sure you’re concerned about sounding like a jerk. But stop it, for the sake of our women.

A leader of the church is someone amazing, but not because there is something amazing about the person. One is amazing because God puts gifts in his hands and words in his mouth. God chooses and uses things and people to deliver his gifts. He marks his children with water. He forgives sinners with bread and wine. He sustains us with words of the good news of eternal life. But He tells us where to look.

Really, it’s no secret how God is doing this. Guys, according to God’s Word in the Bible, this is your job. Remember Adam? God entrusted him to call it like it was. He was created to love God. He was created to look after God’s creation and listen to God’s word. He was created to name all the animals. Woman was created from his side, and he saw her. He called it bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh; I will protect you as part of who I am.

But sin invaded. Crying and pain and toil and whining about liberation. It’s all been messed up since that selfish meal of forbidden fruit. Creation was good, but our world turned deadly. Adam’s one-flesh partner was deceived, so he also ate the apple. He fell into the trap of death with his bride. And we all were born into the deep pit of death.


And so, I guess it is no surprise that you have given up. No longer do you honor God’s gift to our women. No longer do you see your own bone and flesh ready to help. No longer do you gather her to your side in protection from the evil one. No longer do you warn her about the rotten fruit of selfish desire. You ordain her to do your job.

It is a weak and shameful generation that would tell a woman she should act like a man. It’s a confused place where a message of comfort tells a woman to do something other than what God created her to do. It’s a messed up church that would cheer for Jesus to crucify Mary on his cross.

Guys, I know you love our women. But Christ redeemed you to be the guy. Call it like it is. Even Adam continued to name things after the terrible face-to-face encounter with the Almighty God. With a promise ringing in his ears, he names his wife then and there with the pure Gospel of life. Adam calls her: Eve, “Mother of all the Living.” Born from her destructive body, generations later, the Holy Son of God will crush the head of death. Adam believes and marks them both with a word of comfort. He trusts the promise and feeds their broken hearts with a breath of forgiveness. Because of Christ, He just does his job.