That’s right, The Jagged Word now has a podcast!

It is my pleasure to introduce to the ever expanding Jagged Mafia our newest endeavor, Ringside With the Preacher Men: Where the Sacred and the Profane Collide. Each Sunday afternoon you’ll be able to join Joel, Ross and Paul as they engage in a thoughtful and humorous discussion about hot topics of the week from a Biblical point of view.

Check out our first offering below and we’ll let you know when our iTunes and other accounts are ready for you to follow.

In this episode the preacher men take on: Gun control, the necessity of religious freedom, pro-life and capital punishment, great television, humor as a Christian virtue, the British monarchy and killer clowns.

We reference two articles from The Jagged Word: Little League, The Nutcracker, and the Loss of Childhood and I Found Your Secret Prison.

Plus this incredible video: