When Friendship Dies

By Cindy Koch

When our passions spill out and our voices get loud,

When our politics wound and our views make us proud,

When our words, thrown like stones, slash more than just skin,

Our friendship slowly dies.

When our little ones grow and our parenting divides,

When our big ones rebel and our advice turns to lies,

When our kids expose shame that we all hide within,

Our friendship slowly dies.

When our marriage stands still as we walk far apart,

When our future dissolves as we follow our heart,

When our “death do us parts” prove too fragile and thin,

Our friendship slowly dies.

When a baby of Mary bleeds out on a tree,

When the Son of God screams, you’ve forsaken me!

When the One who gives life, God killed for your sin,

Our friendship slowly died.

When our Savior stood up and won life for His earth,

When our eyes and our ears taste eternal new birth,

When forgiveness and mercy smash the world we walk in,

Our friendship never dies.