A Jagged Contention: The Sanctifying Battle

“Beware of those who promise a sweet, calm, tranquility in this life from God by perfecting your commitment to spiritual exercises. They did not work for Luther in the monastery and they will not work for us. Do not believe that we can reach a lofty level of sanctification where we can be free of the battles that rage in our minds and hearts in this life. We walk by faith and hope for the better day that is coming when eternity blesses us with the full fruits of Christ’s victory at His Heavenly Banquet. For now, we join Christ in His battle against the powers of darkness within and without as very much a junior partner.”

-Steven A Hein, The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? Pg. 100


Dr. Hein warns us against viewing sanctification as victorious Christian living. What are the dangers that arise when one views the Christian life in terms of victory as opposed to warfare? How should one understand Paul’s words in Romans 8:37 that tell us we are more than conquerors even while we live in a battle with the powers and principalities (Ephesians 6:11-20)?

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