Ringside: Episode 13

Imagine partying with Fra Angelico and Wes Anderson on New Years. Our New Years Christmas special episode will feel the exact opposite! The fellas chat about that stupid elf that rats on kids, how the irreversibility of time haunts our holiday season, its important to party like its 1999! Christian Churches offer services on Christmas day period! 5 greatest events of 2016, should Christians make new years resolutions? Have fun. Contact Ringside. Go to Ringside with the Preacher Men Facebook page.

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One thought on “Ringside: Episode 13

  1. This was a great podcast, but when you guys started in on New Years and so on, it went nuclear. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a pain in the butt question, do you have these podcasts transcribed anywhere? I would love to have one for this episode. Thank you for the words of entertainment and wisdom.


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