Ringside: Episode 21

Forget the vain navel gazing heroes of their own fantasy Oscars! They win we all lose! Better than musicals (what isn’t?) better than Mardi Gras or Paczkis (polish donuts- well just donuts lets be honest); Ringside! The preachers get real about some topics that might be on your mind as well!

1. Is Ash Wednesday really effective or just a vain pseudo emotional exercise to make you ‘feel’ bad?
2. Fasting is NOT giving up stuff thats bad for you – that’s called being smart. Fasting is good, right and salutary. what is it?
3. Do christians believe in aliens? do we care that they discovered 7 planets like ours? do you?
4. practicing self Discipline has become a bad word among some christians, Paul doesn’t think so. hmmm
5. Fasting from sex?! not fast sex. Is it good for couples? Is it true what George Kastanza discovered – it makes you smarter?
6. Who cares if Jesus went all superman on the mountain top! Whats that mean to me! Why is that the perfect lesson before lent
7. Repentance is major word of scripture yet Christians seem to either obsess over it or not care at all! what is it! Are you repenting?

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