Ringside: Episode 29

While you wait anxiously for the results of the French presidential election, grab a taco and cervaza, throw some Mancini on in the background and turn up the Ringside!

1. MODERNISTS USING OLD ARGUMENTS AGAINST THE RESURRECTION. episcopal priest critiques the belief in the resurrection in the detroit free press. It reads like a SNL skit but i think he is actually serious ha
2. UMBERTO ECO AND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LIBRARY! Do you have a home library? Do you add to it and see it as important? Do you have more unread than read books?
3. WAS THOMAS THE ONLY ONE WHO DOUBTED? Jesus invented the church not man. Waiting for one on one experience with Jesus. Maybe in the resurrection. Otherwise you experience and hear Jesus through people! People tell people the Good News. That’s how it was always supposed to work.
4. STARTING A FAMILY IS STARTING A REVOLUTION! Having kids is flipping of ‘the man’. Getting married is starting a coup, setting up a new government, changing the world!
5. SHOULD WE BE HAPPY WHEN BAD GUYS GET WHAT THEY DESERVE? Recently Alex Hernandez sadly committed suicide. Some are happy that he got what he deserved. Should we be as Christians?
6. FUNERAL SERVICES AND THE RESURRECTION! The funeral service’s number goal is pointing to Jesus salvation and the resurrection of the dead! Touch the casket and make some bold promises about that body mr. pastor!

T.S. Eliot reads the beginning of the waste land, dead bees sing i love my man, joel allen hess sings ‘love song from a dead soldier’