Her Name Was Death

By Cindy Koch

In darkness, her eyelashes clumped together from new, stinging tears. Shivers prickled behind her ears. Her stomach twisted from disgust. She could feel the heavy breath of the man hiding next to her. But she couldn’t look at him. She cringed at every distressed sigh she heard from him. Silent, agonizing crouching in the shadows was all she could remember now.

She knew they had done wrong. She just heard that they would walk a life of sorrow. She was afraid that they would have to leave the amazing garden of blessings. The judgment on sin from the Almighty God crushed the beautiful world that the first man and woman enjoyed. But in the middle of everything, they heard a promise.

“The Lord God said to the serpent… “He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” (Genesis 3:15)

Although they didn’t see the whole story yet, man and woman believed God’s promise of life and restoration. Right away, Adam named a sinner. Boldly, he focused their story on the promise of a renewed future.

 “The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.” (Genesis 3:20)

She is called Eve. Eve means life. Adam’s first task upon the newly created earth is to name all the creatures. Up until this point, his lovely woman did not bear a name. She was woman, taken from the side of man, flesh of his flesh. But now with the promise of God in the face of their sin, Adam proclaims her true identity; she is the mother of all the living. She will be the mother of the first children on earth. She will be the mother of the Child that would bring all of them eternal life. “Eve” is the most gracious confession of love and forgiveness that Adam could give from his lips. When Adam looks at this woman, he remembers their story. She brings him an apple, knowledge, sin, disobedience, and death. Yet, when this faithful and loving man names his wife, he speaks back God’s promise to the both of them. He forgives Eve. He calls her mother of all the living. He breaths on her the identity of God’s restored woman.

Man and woman, created together, are also made for this. God speaks His promises, and we speak them to each other. We tell each other the story of a restored life with a loving God. Even when our sin gets in the way of this blessed conversation, as it did in the beginning story of man and woman, forgiveness finds us.

We have lived too far away from the Garden of Eden. We can’t begin to smell the sweet grass or feel the perfect sunshine on our face. But we do have a word from a God who has not left His proud, broken people alone. In the middle of their journey of fear and sadness, Adam and Eve hold tight to the promise of God. In hope, they watch every baby in anticipation of the “promised seed” who will overthrow death. They savor the rich blessings of God that leak through the distorted sin-filled world. They speak the words of hope, life, and forgiveness to each other and their family.

Our story here begins with tragedy, sacrifice, and a promise of forgiveness. The woman who was created beautifully did not at first listen to the Word spoken from God. She did not believe that His gifts were good, just as they were given. But the Word of Life moved from the mouth of God over the tongue of her husband. The Word whispered, “I forgive you” while Adam called out her name, “Eve.”

The promise of life and forgiveness is who Eve is. The first woman and mother crafted by the fingers of God bears the name of life, restored to whom God intended her to be. Every daughter carries her name, promise, and identity.

Women, you are named daughters of Eve. You were created by the Most High God. You walk outside of the Garden of Eden, bearing the pain and strife of the world and bearing the promise of the Hero to come. You believe the Word of Life. You have been given hope in the One who will smash the head of the serpent. You will again live as God intended His creations to live. This is your story, but it’s only the beginning.

Based on Cindy’s new book: Woman, The Forgotten Story. Coming soon!