What makes a Wonder Woman?

By Cindy Koch

Sugar, spice, and everything nice—what are little girls made of? As a mother to four little girls, I have undoubtedly asked this question since the day they were born. Parents are created to encourage and teach their children to the best of their ability. And for years I have asked this question of each daughter: Who is she? Who will she become? What makes this little person?

And somewhere from the recesses of my childhood memories, Wonder Woman emerged. Stepping out from my foggy pre-teen, identity-formation years, this strong and beautiful woman recently appeared before my eyes once again. Her stunning feats of dedication and strength awed me. Her chiseled figure and flowing hair inspired me. A spectacular superhero of a woman had made her comeback for the girls of this generation.

The other day, my little girl saw this incredible woman glide across the shiny screen. Her pretend game with a stuffed baby owl stopped dead in its tracks. I recognized that glisten of admiration now in my little girl’s eye. In my mind, all at once, those relentless questions about my daughter resurfaced: Who is she? Who will she become? What makes a wonder woman?

From my own childhood, I remembered her image and her outfit, but what made her Wonder Woman so much that a little girl would look up to her? Unexpected strength. Uncommon beauty. Unsurpassed dedication and compassion. This was the Wonder Woman that came alive wearing red, gold, and blue in my immature understandings of womanhood. But I never once met the lady with the cool bracelets and sexy boots. However, I have lived beside by the greatest of wonder women.

She fought against the evil temptations when her husband went out to sea. Creating an army of support, she led a group of wives and mothers in waiting patiently for the men to return for long months at a time. When one girl would slip away from the company of friends, this wonder woman would relentlessly search for her. And when her husband finally returned, she showed incredible strength and restraint. She laid the head of the household back at his feet in loving submission.

She continually smiled through the years of toil. Even though wrinkles cut deep into her face, she glowed with exquisite wisdom. Her hands began to ache, her feet started to slow, but her focused concern for the ones who didn’t make it to church this week grew intensely strong. She would pray, write, call, and visit. This wonder woman quietly captured the hearts of everyone she met. Yet, her words were always simple, kind, and beautiful.

She battled with devastating depression. She lost too many children to miscarriage. She cried about the faithlessness of her husband. But she knew where to cling when the world crashed around her. Desperately, she held on to the only solid ground she knew. Eating and drinking for forgiveness, remembering God called her His own, she really believed His words. Even though her life was a weak-looking mess, this wonder woman trusted in the One who would make everything new.

Little girl, if only I could show you the wonder women that surround you right now. But we won’t find her dodging bullets in a stunning metal corset. She is the mother, the sister, the wife, the friend that God has given unexpected strength, uncommon beauty, unsurpassed dedication, and compassion. She is the wonder woman that I pray you will become.