Ringside: Episode 36

Ever water ski and end up being dragged face first, mouth open and not letting go of the rope. Yeah, Ringside is kinda like that! hold on and hold your breath. We have a great guest with us, Dr. and author Scott Keith. He will talk about Fatherhood and Melanchthon’s thoughts on preaching.

Our Sponsor – the new learning game by Milton Bradley titled, God’s Will

1. If a sermon doesnt call people to repentance and give forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Just don’t! You might as well be attending a chinese acupuncture class
2. MELANCHTHON ON PREACHING. Can we gain anything from a 16th century reformer regarding sermon structures and engaging the hearer from the pulpit!?
3.SPEECH CAN KILL? Can rhetoric be blamed for violence? Consider the recent capitol hill shooting, or the young lady or talked her boyfriend into killing himself
4. FATHERHOOD AND GRACE. Scott talks about what is unique about his book on fatherhood. Should dad be just the discipline guy? What does the Prodigal Son parable have to do with fatherhood practice?
5.WE NEED MORE POETS, NOT SCIENTISTS! Pastor Hess throws one out to see if anyone agrees. Does poetry do more good for humanity than science. yeah!

Being Dad – Dr. Scott Keith. Buy it on Amazon or 1517legacy.com
Philipp Melanchthon – 16th century reformer. Writer of the apology to the Augsburg Confession. Educator of Germany. Major influence not just upon theology but academics and education
Oliver Wendell Holmes – Supreme Court member

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