I Saw a Sinner, Jesus Sees a Saint

By Joel A. Hess

I saw an old man, wrinkled and worn, tired of dialysis and the smell of urine and medicine.

Jesus sees a saint, brand spanking new, and the sun casting a shadow behind him.

I saw a young girl, ashamed of the day she let them kill her child, hoping no one finds out.

Jesus sees a saint. You can’t convince Him otherwise. It’s as if she’s done nothing wrong.

I saw a fella who just a couple of days ago said for the 70th time, “Help me to stop desiring other men.”

Jesus sees a saint, a perfect creature, with a perfect past and glorious future.

I saw a sinner.

Jesus sees a saint.

I saw my friend who tells me he struggles with doubt and how the universe was made in just six days.

Jesus sees a saint, singing songs of praise to his saving God.

I saw an aged lady in the ER who still runs rides at the traveling carnival, smells like cigarettes, and keeps choosing guys who leave her beat up and in a shelter.

Jesus sees a saint who smells like incense and roses in the spring.

I saw a poor couple, barren and broken. It takes a toll on their marriage.

Jesus sees saints who are part of His family.

I saw a girl who rarely comes to church because her parents are always gone. I sometimes think she’s lazy. They call her a backslider.

Jesus sees a saint, a holy one, covered in grace.

I saw a Sunday school teacher who tried to take her life not once but twice. She’s barely holding on.

Jesus sees a saint, not lacking in anything, clothed in His robes, safe and secure.

I saw a sinner.

Jesus sees a saint.

I saw an enemy, a blasphemer of the Almighty, a devil who hates God.

Jesus sees a sheep, stuck on a ledge, needing a Shepherd to save him.

Then I turned and saw my reflection in the chalice on the table, twisted and broken, guilty and ugly, with darkened eyes tired of sinning.

Jesus sees a saint, a resurrected soul, a brother in His blood.

Behind me was a man, stretched out against crude, blackened wood, bleeding and busted with the world laughing at him. The world sees a fool, a loser, an enemy of all that’s good.

I saw a savior, a God who does not turn away but becomes what He should hate: man, sin, and death.

Jesus became sin

so we might be saints.

One day, I will see what Jesus sees.

Now, Lord, let me see by faith.