Michelle Carter: Look in the Mirror America

By Joel A. Hess

“Good morning America, how are you? Don’t you know me? I’m your native son!” – The City of New Orleans, Arlo Guthrie

The same could be said when America met Michelle Carter a couple of years ago. She is the girl who was recently convicted of involuntary manslaughter because she encouraged Conrad Roy III to kill himself. The nation is shocked.

At first, I was flabbergasted too as I read some of her texts. Numerous times she clearly pushed her boyfriend to not give up on his desire to die. Even after he expressed some hesitance, she spurred him on until he did it. Just do it! To be fair, which I’m not sure the jury was, she initially strongly urged him to get help, which is something that seems missing from a lot of the reporting. Also, she was a teenager dealing with another teenager’s mental illness. That isn’t easy, and it was evident she struggled with giving him proper advise. From all of her texts, it would be wrong to conclude she consistently pushed him to kill himself. Still, she said enough to creep us all out. She was definitely in the wrong.

Americans love jumping all over this girl. It makes them feel so good about themselves. Everyone feigns shock and surprise, clutching their pearls and falling on the fainting couch as if they could never imagine doing such a dastardly deed.

Well, take a long look in the mirror, America. Meet your native daughter, your creation, your self. Michelle Carter is our society’s fault. She is the face of our culture. She’s a modern-day hero, quite frankly, and should be celebrated. She should go on the cover of ESPN right next to Bruce Jenner. She is the brave one who helped Roy realize his dreams, his identity, how he saw himself. She helped him self-actualize, right? How dare we impose our abstract moral picture upon this poor fellow!

In a country where many of our states now allow doctors to help people kill themselves, I’m very unclear as to what she did wrong. What’s the difference? Oh, she’s not a doctor. Roy was not happy with his quality of life and saw no way out. She gave him courage to act. There is no difference between him and those in California and Oregon who also want to kill themselves. They are not only encouraged to do so, but are given “safe” ways to do it. Maybe Michelle should go into medicine.

This past month, Brooke Richardson was charged with aggravated murder and accused of killing then burning her infant son. The nation again gasped in horror. What’s the problem? If she had simply had the child dismembered at a Planned Parenthood factory, she would be on a tax paid advertisement to young teens.

If either of these young ladies goes to jail, then every single person who has supported and voted for assisted suicide and unrestricted abortion should enjoy some time in jail with them. For a society that is so concerned about forcing values on our children, we surely have done it with extreme preciseness the last three or four decades. Lord, have mercy.

The local museum and so-called science textbooks teach us that Michelle is the result of complete randomness. Ironically and contrary to science, our TV heroes and forced government-value police tell us that reality is completely subjective and all moral values are an artificial construct of society. Why do we expect our children to act any differently than Michelle? She is probably just as shocked at people’s reactions to her postmodern heroism as they are shocked at her.

Do not throw out your judgments so quickly on these pawns in the politically correct game. May we all repent, especially Christians who should know better yet stay silent. When someone is crying out in pain, whether they want to kill themselves or are confused about who they are, may we actually help them instead of encouraging them to self-medicate.

Even while many Christians teach their kids the faith, they are being catechized in an entirely different worldview at school and on TV. Oh, we nod that it’s all wrong. Yet, we pretend not to see it because we just want them to fit in, get a job, and be happy.

Lord, have mercy on us all! Silence the snakes who perpetuate confusion. May God visit these poor young women with the Gospel of Jesus, forgiveness, and peace. Jesus died for them no less than he died for my miserable self.

He alone is our peace.