A Jagged Contention: No Qualifiers

“The gospel invites us to believe not that we are safe provided, but that we are safe period. It is not that sin should not have dominion over us, but that it cannot, for its power has been destroyed by Jesus. It reigns in our death, of course, as it always did, but what is that?  What is it to have sway over a valley of dry bones? The main thing is that it does not reign over Jesus, and Jesus is our life.

“And there is the crucial point: therefore we are safe. Not safe, if…not safe, as long as…not safe, provided…Add anything—even a single qualifier, even a single hedge—and you lose the gospel of salvation, which is just Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

– Robert Farrar Capon, Between Noon and Three, pg. 109


What are ways you have seen qualifiers added to the Gospel of salvation? Why are we so prone to qualify the Gospel?