Baptized Bride

By Cindy Koch

Look in the mirror, my daughter. What do you see? Can you see the beautiful girl that God created you to be? Do you see the white robe of righteousness that Christ put on you? Do you see a perfect and blameless life that lives inside of your heart? Probably not. You might see a familiar face that you remember looking back at you on both happy days and sad days. But she looks pretty normal. Maybe she doesn’t even look all that special. How could this girl in the mirror be the amazing bride that Christ loves?

Little girl, we all ask that question. I remember pulling a blue brush through my elementary school hair, looking at the reflection of an ordinary girl. She just stared back at me, pondering the same thing. No matter how young or old, each woman looks deep into her own eyes and wonders, “Am I that special? But how do I really know Jesus did this all for me?”

Some will have you believe a story from your heart. They will counsel you to search your feelings and your passions to know the truth. They will tell you to quietly meditate and be mindful in the “now” to experience the new life. But they are wrong. This is the same deception the serpent used in the garden to pull Eve away from God’s real promises—woman’s real identity. This evil voice says, “Did God really say?” The terrible liar whispers, “It’s not that easy.” The ugly snake hisses, “You are not worth all that. Just live for today.”

No, my daughter. You are God’s own child. You are baptized into Christ! It is not because of how you look. It is not because of how you feel. It has nothing to do with your wildly searching heart. You are the special bride of Christ because He alone chose you.

He finds you, cowering in the bushes when you have done wrong. He finds you, wandering through the dark valleys of sadness. He finds you, screaming as a helpless baby. But he still washes you clean and makes you His own—water sprinkled on your little head, words filling your little ears. A cross upon your forehead and upon your heart. That simple heavenly flood marks you as a beloved child—now and forever.

So, when Satan, despair, sadness, and death come calling, you know what to say to them, my daughter. When your story is challenged by a silly world or questioned by your unsure heart, you still know who you are. You are baptized into Christ! You are chosen by God! You are the beautiful bride of the Savior!

And this is your amazing story. You have been given a new life, no matter what the mirror looks like today, no matter what your feelings tell you about tomorrow. You are baptized into Christ. You have been made a beautiful bride that will forever live in paradise.