A Jagged Contention: God Puts a Babe in a Crib

Our God begins with angels and ends with shepherds. Why does he do such preposterous things?  He puts a Babe in a crib. Our common sense revolts and says, “Could not God have saved the world some other way?” I would not have sent an angel. I would simply have called the devil and said, “Let my people go.” The Christian faith is foolishness. It says that God can do anything and yet makes him so weak that either his Son had no power or wisdom or else the whole story is made up. Surely the God who in the beginning said: “Let there be light,” “Let there be a firmament,” “Let the dry land appear,” could have said to the devil, “Give my back my people, my Christians.” God does not even send an angel to take the devil by the nose. He sends, as it were, an earthworm lying in weakness, helpless, without his mother, and he suffers him to be nailed to a cross. The devil says, “I will judge him.” So spoke Caiaphas and Pilate, “He is nothing but a carpenter,” and then in his weakness and infirmity he crunches the devil’s back and alters the whole world. He suffered Himself to be trodden under the foot of man and to be crucified, and through weakness he takes the power and the Kingdom.

– Martin Luther, Martin Luther’s Christmas Book, ed. Roland Bainton. Pg. 40-41

All this, Christ did for you! Merry Christmas from the Jagged Word!