Forgetting the Emotions of Easter

By Cindy Koch

Yesterday, you stepped right into the most emotional time of the year for any Christian; Praise songs and prayers, tears and guilt, suffering and death, celebrations and shouts for joy. The week leading up to Easter Sunday tells the epic story of our Lord Jesus Christ. The transition from happiness to despair in this single week leaves us exhausted, but also satisfied. This story is important. You can feel it.

You sensed there was something incredible going on this last week. You could feel the weight of the atmosphere when you walked into church as we all trudged closer to Good Friday. Your evil was laid bare. Your efforts were mocked and scourged. You didn’t know what to do when the blame for Jesus’ death was handed to you. And so that night when Jesus was betrayed, you were sorry. The afternoon when Jesus was hung on the cross you were ashamed. The evening when Jesus died, you were lost.

And yesterday, you heard, “He Lives!” Everything stopped for a moment to hear that good word! Three days later Jesus rose from the dead. He conquered death. He walked into eternal life. And that’s really no big deal if Jesus was the only one who accomplished this victory over the grave. The most exciting part is that Jesus passed this never-ending life to you. You, who are evil. You, who’s efforts are embarrassing. You, who are to blame for Jesus’ death on a cross. So on Easter morning, everything you are means nothing. Everything Jesus did by raising from the dead means everything, for you. The whole world felt like a brighter and lighter place.

But today, you don’t know if you feel much different. The kids are still asking what’s for dinner. The never-ending emails still must be answered. People around you aren’t acting any nicer. The pattern of everyday life quickly forgets the other-worldly celebration that happened only yesterday. Looking back, it all seems so ignorant. Remembering only your emotions on Easter, those that have all but disappeared today, you may think the Easter story isn’t that important after all.

Today is the day that you will probably forget the emotions of Easter. Forsaking the highs of His praises, not believing the lows of your shame. Based on your shallow sentiments of yesterday, Easter promises are surely lost in doubt. You are still a poor miserable sinner in thought word and deed, even on the day after Easter.

Thank our gracious risen Lord that the Easter truth remains, despite your emotions.

Jesus’s resurrection is most certainly yours today, even on a mundane Monday. Whether you feel the guilt or thrill of the story, it doesn’t matter one bit. God-made-flesh visited earth and promised His people this salvation plan. Jesus Christ, the son of God, lived the life of a sinless sinner and died the death of a crimeless criminal. Unnecessary for his eternal future. Completely necessary for yours. This real and true history of Easter is especially for you on this plain and ordinary day.

So tomorrow, when you don’t perceive the rampant evil in your heart and soul, Jesus still washed you as white as snow with His death and resurrection. Tomorrow, when you blatantly forget that God-made-man sacrificed his glory, life, and honor for you, Jesus still gave you eternity. Tomorrow, when you feel uncertain about everything to come, Jesus still says, “Surely, you will be with me in paradise”.

One thought on “Forgetting the Emotions of Easter

  1. Cindy’s Quote: ” Based on your shallow sentiments of yesterday, Easter promises are surely lost in doubt. You are still a poor miserable sinner in thought, word and deed, even on the day after Easter.”
    Such a pessimistic way to approach the day after Easter! Cynicism should not be present, even in the face of prevailing sins. Jesus did not go through the ordeal of the cross to leave us in a state of constant emotional turmoil, tortured by our unworthiness and bitter over our inability to overcome besetting sins. Though we do not take our sins lightly, we need to walk, talk, and think positively about our Christian lives. We have a Savior. We have been Baptized. We receive the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. We do the best we can to obey God and live to Him. We love Our Lord. We repent regularly. We have His promises and we believe every one of them. We do not walk continually in a state of emotional unrest because we have His love and assurances. The Lord Jesus also left the Holy Spirit to guide us along as we walk the path before us. Trust more, worry less, keep the faith.


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