Finally Instructions

By Bob Hiller

It will be good to finally be in church this Sunday. It has been the same thing all week long. I just need to hear something different, something out of the ordinary, something new. See, all week long, it has been the same old thing, and I’m simply tired of it. Let me explain.

I was dreading work on Monday morning. Over the weekend, I realized that I had royally botched a huge project. I walked in late, hoping to avoid the boss. But there he was, like he always is, waiting to greet me with a smile and warm handshake. “I was looking over your report, Bob,” he said. “It seems that you had a lot of numbers out of place. It cost us some big dollars. But don’t worry. I fixed it on Sunday, sent it off, and everything is covered. Also, I had to work overtime to do it. So, if it’s all right by you, I’m going to go ahead and just credit that to your paycheck. Your mistakes are covered, and you are getting a bonus!” Typical.

On Tuesday, I went out with a few of my coworkers and had one beer too many. I needed to get home and left the bar a bit before I should have. I wasn’t drunk, but I was sufficiently buzzed. I got pulled over by the cops for going 15 mph over the speed limit. The cop came up, did a breathalyzer, and found I was just barely over the limit. I felt horrible. I never do this. I loathed myself. But of course, the police officer said, “Fear not, I’ll have my partner drive you home, and I’ll follow behind. I am going to have to report the ticket, but don’t worry. I’ll pay for it.” Completely what I expected.

On Wednesday, when I was having dinner with my kids, I realized their room was a complete mess. I told them to go clean it right away. I admit, I kind of snapped. But per usual, they jumped up, ran in the back, and cleaned the room without saying a word. Then, they decided of their own will to clean off the table, pick up my room, and get ready for bed on their own. “We love you, daddy! Ask, and it will be done!” There they went again, going above and beyond to show me they loved me.

On Thursday, my wife promised me a surprise on Friday. When I got home from work, she had purchased us box seats to the baseball game. She said, “I had to do some extra work around the office, but it was worth it. I promised you I would do something wonderful, I worked hard for it, and now I can’t wait to enjoy this evening with you. Maybe we should go for a beer first.” She worked for it all. She paid for it all. Her work is hard on her, but she does it out of love for me.

On Saturday, I rested.

See, this is my typical week: gracious bosses, forgiving police, loving kids, and a wife who promises big and graciously delivers. All of this was free. I deserve none of it. This is my typical week.

And that is why I’m so glad that I’ll be back in church this Sunday. In church, I know that the pastor is going to give me some instructions. It will be nice to hear something that will make me feel guilty and scare me into a better way of life.  It’s about time that I will get to hear that I have something to do. Just like you, all I hear about all week long is grace, mercy, and forgiveness from every corner. But now I’m at church! Finally, instructions!