The Joy of Knowing Politics aren’t Everything

By Joel A Hess

Please don’t get me wrong. The outcome of elections does matter to the poor, the middle class, the unborn, and the young ladies often put under pressure to abort. It matters to the protection of the innocent and the punishment of wrongdoers. It matters to the establishment of good order in our society. So vote, get involved in your community, and serve your neighbor.

But do not for a moment put all your joy into the outcome of these elections. You will be disappointed. We have a joy not tied to political victories, legislation, and legislators. We have a joy in knowing that no matter who runs these temporal affairs, Christ still reigns; His kingdom has come and is coming; grace and mercy are still flowing from your church’s pulpit and altar; and the devil, sin, and death will one day be no more. Come, Lord Jesus.

You can tell when a church body forgets this because it will increasingly speak more passionately about political objectives and leaders. Whether they are conservative or liberal goals, a church that does not put all its marbles in the jar of Jesus’ death and resurrection will cling more desperately to elections, policies, and laws.

Politics is the art of gaining power and impressing one’s power in a society. Where two or there are gathered there will be politics. That’s OK. But when people no longer submit to a higher truth, transcendent God, or even a crust old document, politics becomes everything. Might, not truth, makes right. That “might” could be attributed to an individual or a collective. Everything depends on who wins.

How sad it is, however, to see those who believe in Jesus sounding like people whose joy is dependent on who wins! It’s understandable for people who have nothing else to hope in, but man. You have a better hope! You know of a better future. You dwell beneath the friendly skies of a loving ruler, the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep—meaning you and your leftist, pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-gun, LGBTQ-supporting neighbor.

So don’t let this election rob your joy. And don’t appear to all your virtual and real neighbors as desperate creatures clawing in the damp dark cave of nihilism. You know better. You have been loved better. Let your light shine! Don’t let this day steal your joy. Instead, give it away because you have an unending supply of it in Jesus.

He is still risen from the dead. Your sins are still paid for. All those nasty things you imagine about your neighbor, you are no better. Except, perhaps, you know you are forgiven of them.

And don’t worry about Christ’s Church. She needs no help from policies, laws, or elected officials. No matter who is in charge, no matter what oppressive law is laid upon her, she will still march on, liberating people from sin and death with power of God’s words and promises. Christ’s true Church will still be speaking joy into people’s hearts, a joy that nothing can take away, not even death itself.

One thought on “The Joy of Knowing Politics aren’t Everything

  1. Thank you, Joel. Your words remind each of us that the outcome of elections, winning or losing, will not effect the course of Christ’s church on earth. It will continue through periods of peace and adversity, and in the end, Christ will claim His bride. I think this burning hope and assurance has kept Christians strong in the face of all manner of political turmoil, social upheaval, and persecution over the course of history. This morning I will vote for only Republicans, as I always have. There are still unapologetic pro-life conservatives among them, and it is an act of defiance to vote against the prevailing Democratic Party machine which dominates New York. Here, the Democratic Party wrongly believes most of us admire their values, which include death to the unborn among their favorite themes. Sometimes we need to realize that the pragmatic side of our faith means taking a stand for what you believe, and we do this by voting. If we foolishly give our support to scoundrels, we reveal that our faith is a mere facade.


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