Tis the Season to Be Offended

Along with long lines in the mall, peppermint mocha frappe white-claws, and increasingly hyper kids at school, tis the season for Christians griping about everything from Starbuck cups to Hallmark movie channels and of course the annual, “It’s Merry Christmas, you heathen!”

Yes, it is absolutely hilarious how our American culture is replicating the Soviet Union’s outlawing of Christianity and violent re-culturation of the land of peasants.  The theme of public school’s Christmas (I’m sorry, ‘winter’) programs is how to celebrate “cannot-say-it” without saying it.  If an alien came down this time of year to a public school, it would think we were worshiping mother nature with all the weather themed music.  It would believe we poor fools place our hope in Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus and snow. Did we not defeat this in World War II and the cold war?

And finally, yes, there is a militant religious campaign to replace any historic religion, logic, science and your common sense with feelings. You too get to be part of the Great Leap Forward!  Just because you are paranoid, does not mean there is no conspiracy.

But griping about it is not going to win the day for the common folk you meet.  The Good News of Christ is counter cultural. It counters every culture in some way or the other; conservative to liberal. We forget that. For goodness sake, the puritans launched the first war on Christmas! “Get back to work,” their leaders scolded them. The message of Christ chides against humanity’s instincts always, yours included.

The response to the assault on God is not shock and awe. It did not surprise Jesus when the conservative and righteous leaders of Israel thought He had a demon. It should not surprise us. Jesus did not come to find people who had it all together and they just needed Him to fit into their puzzle. He came to throw the pieces on the floor and give us the picture already finished.

When someone says, “Happy Holidays,” the response should be, “Jesus loves you whether you believe that or not.” The angels did not test the shepherds to see whether they were ready for a Savior. They simply announced the fact a Savior had been born for them! We are giving a news report to the world, “Jesus died and rose: Fact. He has taken away the curse of sin and destroyed death. Repent and believe the Good News!”

I promise you most people do not know what Christmas is all about, and they are interested! Most people do not have lines in the sand, but they do harbor fears, guilt, and anger against God. Jesus came for them! That is what you were before Christ came to you. Everyone is born an atheist, an enemy, mortal and dying.  You were once part of the army launching the war against Christmas.

Stop being so offended by how society treats Jesus. Jesus was not. He turned the other cheek. He silently laid down His life for them, for you! He still is not offended by the way you treat your neighbor, your body, or your family, but instead ministers to you with His Word, breaking you down and building you back up. The message of Christmas is for you too, you heathen. Today, in the town of Bethlehem, a savior has been born for you! They will call His name Jesus because He will save you from your sins. Merry Christmas!