One Word

How can a word save you? It can steer away from harm and danger. It can encourage and inspire to do the right thing. It can tell you where to walk and how to live. A word can be a sweet comfort or a stern warning. It can speak of truth in a world of darkness. A word can speak of salvation, if only you can grasp it.

How can a word save you? It can tell you a story you may believe. It can speak of things you did not know existed. It can paint a greater reality which is heard with your ears and not seen with your eyes. A word can describe salvation, if you would only see it.

How can a word save you? It speaks in the beginning from the mouth of God. It is an uncontrollable voice, creating through a single syllable. It is the agent of light appearing in a dark world. A word can produce what it speaks, with no co-operation from you.

How can a word save you? It lives in the conversation of God with His people. It inhabits their history, filling their songs, repeated from prophets and kings in the prayers of His people. It is the Word God cannot forget. It is the Word that makes a path in the wilderness. A word can lead the way, saving those who hope and trust in following the Word.

How can a word save you? The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Muscle and bone formed over the syllables, a tiny cry in the night rang out from the newborn lips of the ancient Word. A baby’s heartbeat pounded in time to the steadfast chants of the generations. It is the creative Word who stepped into time and skin and blood. The Word had taken on the shroud of heavy flesh, but the darkness would not overcome Him.

How can a word save you? The Word did every good thing in thought, word and deed. The Word made a vengeful, holy God proud to call Himself Father once again. The Word charted His steps to places where you can never walk. The Word marched up to the face of the Almighty and spoke, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

How can a word save you? “I thirst,” confirms the Word. “Why have you forsaken me?” declares the Word. “It is finished,” finally speaks the Word. God’s breath withdrew from the Word as He dangled on the cross. The Word who created life and light was dead.

How can a word save you? The death of the Word was meant for you. Punishment for mistrust and sin was meant for you. Condemnation for the wayward thought, word and deed was meant for you. But the Word who became flesh, choked on deadly silence instead of you.

How can a word save you? God so loved the world, this quiet dark world, that He sent His Word, His only Son, that whoever believes, whoever hears, whoever trusts in the Word made flesh will not perish but have eternal life.