Palm Sunday and the Passion for Families during the Quarantine

Jesus rides into Jerusalem, the crowds go wild! How do we get from this exciting praise and gathering of crowds to his death on a lonely isolated cross only a short time later? Today is a time of worship that explores the spectrum of our emotions engaging in this great gospel story of Jesus Christ. In preparation for the Easter celebration coming up next week, take a minute to contemplate the journey from the Palms to the Cross.

It is especially impactful during this strange time in our world, where we once celebrated together in praise in thanksgiving together, but now we sit isolated in our own homes, in fear. Our comfortable routines have been trampled underfoot. Our dependable friends and work has been stripped from our hands. Even our children feel the growing stress of isolation and boredom and unrest all around. It is certainly a strange Palm Sunday this year, but at the same time, an amazing opportunity.

On Family Style Theology, I talk with my own children about the movement of Palm Sunday through the worship patterns that my own kids have grown to enjoy. But these beautiful traditions are not restricted to church! The family is the most intimate and foundational gathering of God’s people. I encourage you to take time to focus your attention on the story of Palm Sunday and the Passion today, especially if you are gathered at home.

At-Home Devotional Ideas:

  • Cut/ Buy/ Make Palm Branches to display in your home.
  • Sing “All Glory Laud and Honor” together (TLH Hymn #442)
  • READ Matthew 21: 1-9, Matthew 27:11-54
  • Listen to Family Style Theology “Palm Sunday
  • Pray together Matins Responsory for Lent (TLH pg. 222)