The Pandemic Doesn’t Ruin Easter, Easter Ruins the Pandemic!

As I began preparing for Holy Week, I was surprised as to how unholy it felt. Between rushing to fill our social media presence with content, incessantly reading the news, and figuring out when it is a good time to buy groceries, I have not been fasting, watching ‘the Passion of the Christ’ or even drooling at Cadbury eggs.  This damn pandemic has really ruined Easter!

The funny thing is, most of the world celebrates Easter in similar conditions every year! Whether it is sneaking bibles into communist China, perpetually suffering in Haiti, or serving your husband with dementia since 2015, most of the world celebrates Easter amidst suffering. Sorry. Fake smiles at Easter breakfast. Tears during, “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.” A polite, “No, thank you,” to the Easter dinner invitations because your wife just left you.  Easter has always come regardless of conditions.

So, do not whine about how this pandemic has ruined Easter!  Quite the opposite!  Easter ruins this pandemic! Just as Jesus came in a manger whether the world wanted Him to or not, He crashed the party of sin and death! Jesus did not come to a world where everything was going well! He came to a world that was dying, broken and breaking everything. He was born in the middle of a pandemic and He died and rose in the middle of a pandemic.

Easter came amidst a pandemic the first time! Jesus walked out of the grave while the whole world was dying. The ladies who visited were coming with tears and spices to say a final goodbye. Jesus died and rose for people who are dying and destroying each other.

The pandemic doesn’t ruin Easter, Easter ruins the pandemic! Jesus’ death and resurrection steal the show! Sins are forgiven. Death is conquered.  What can this disease do? It is robbed of its power! In fact, Jesus bends it to His will to call people to His grace and strengthen the faithful.

So, Happy Easter!