Easter for Families during the Quarantine

He is risen! Now is the time to rejoice and celebrate. Although it might seem a little strange today, to attempt a celebration of victory over death when everyone is isolated in their own homes, for fear of a deadly virus. Church gatherings are replaced with individuals streaming at home. Family dinners are reduced to lonely leftovers. Laughter of the kids in their new Easter clothes hunting for eggs now looks like antsy children in their pjs, bored with the at-home schedule just like yesterday.

This doesn’t look like the resurrected life. It probably seems like there is nothing new and wonderful about our story. Even the disciples hid in a locked room after the resurrection for fear of the Jews, and then they went back to their old fishing jobs after the announcement of the risen Christ, even though they knew something amazing had happened. I wonder if they were waiting for their lives to suddenly look different and be more exciting. I mean the Lord of all died and rose, like he said. That should make a difference.

And it does. Jesus changed everything. Fear and death are no longer the chains that bind. Jesus has defeated death. Jesus has given a perfect ending to all of us who least deserve it. Jesus has called us by name to rise to eternal life, even behind our locked doors. He is Risen, we are forgiven! Sin death and the devil cannot terrify us anymore.


READ John 20 1-18, 1 Corinthians 15:19-26, John 21:12-17

Listen to Family Style Theology “Easter and Beyond”

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Sing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” (LSB #457)

Shout out loud: “He is Risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”