He Is Risen! So, Relax Karen

Everyone is up in arms in some way.  We all probably have friends on every side who have dug in their heals, marked out their enemy, and are hunkered down at war. Over what? Over whether this whole thing is a hoax or the Black Plague.  Or we are up in arms about our neighbor biking without his mask or the government conspiring to rob us of all our rights. I get it. We live in a world which has bought into the post-modern propaganda that all truth-saying is tainted by some sort of agenda.  Good Lord, people literally live in separate realities more than ever depending on what news source you subscribe to. Satan is having a heyday with the mass hysteria and confusion.

But friends, God’s Son has risen from the dead!  Sin is forgiven. Death has been conquered.  This is a fact not controlled by Fox News or CNN. It happened. Oh, there is an agenda behind it. God loves you. He loves all you Karen’s who are freaking out. He loves you unbelievers whose whole life absolutely depends on who gets elected, how your retirement account is doing, and whether Suzie wins the guy on the Bachelor. God has an agenda. Sorry. Of course, He can. He owns all the facts, reality, and the universe(s). So, deal with it.

It makes sense that people who think we are just apes with 401k’s are totally freaking-out and taking sides on the pandemic and lockdown. It is all they have. This is it! They cling to their survival like a dog and to their freedoms like a teenager who thinks high school is everything.  Now, I am not saying those things do not have their value. We should love our health and our political freedoms (which God’s people have done fine without for centuries).  But for Christians to jump in the frantic fray makes Easter look like a sham. It makes Jesus’ promises look like pipe dreams no one actually believes in.

Friends, Christ is risen! You are free! No one can actually take that away from you.  You are free from the just condemnation of a just God. You are free from the worries of death. It is one thing to voice an opinion on government overreach or the irresponsibility of the public. It is another to scream and shout and add to the chaos of our communities!

We have peace.  We have peace in Christ. That means we know it will be ok! We know God is for us. We know the heart of God, that He loves us. We have peace.  Our communities do not need more fuel for the fire. They need peace. They need the peace of Christ. They need the peace of Christ’s people who act like people who are not afraid of this virus, mob rule, or the government.

Hey, I get all worked up as well sometimes. My blood can start boiling at crazy Facebook posts like the rest of you Karen’s. Praise God that He smacks me on the head sometimes like He did the disciples shivering with fear in a dark upper room and says, “Peace be with you!” Christ is Risen! It is going to be ok.