“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” – Psalm 23

This Christmas you are likely surrounded by enemies, in some sort of war, battling demons outside or in, feeling defeated by your own succumbing to temptation. Good News. Christmas is not a place you go to. It’s not a fantasy on a screen or the result of existential struggle. Christmas comes to you where you are at – in the midst of your enemies; in the hospital bed, beside your dying mother, in your dark corner where you realize you are completely unworthy, unclean, out of control and helpless. Christmas is for you. The Lord prepares His table there; take and eat this is my body, take and drink this is my blood shed for the forgiveness of your sins. He is the bread of life, quite literally.

So eat and drink, dear sinners, scared and scattered, in the midst of battles and bruises.

Christmas is for you.

Excerpt from “A Christmas Feast in the Midst of War” by Joel Hess

Photo Credit: AP/Joe Rosenthal