Why is there jealousy, distrust, hurt and pain in these relationships? Why can there not just be peace? Even more, why do we find it so difficult to find peace within ourselves? Why is there anxiety and depression? Why do we so often find us sabotaging our own self-interests? Why is there a war within, between what we want and what we do, between our passion and our fears? How come most people find there is a tear within their own being? When we long for the coming of Christ it is not just because we want healing in the land, not just a desire for peace on earth, but we desperately long for healing between one another and especially within our own hearts and minds. That peace would change everything.

The advent of Christ is the beginning of the end, it is the first fruits of all God is ready to give you. Peace begins with Him, peace between rebellious creatures and their Creator. Then His peace will spread, it will be felt in your own life and you will experience it in your own hearts and minds as His gifts continue to pour out upon you. Sure, it is not a perfect peace in our relationships with each other, or even perfect peace in the war between our own flesh and faith. But there are moments when we see it working, when we dare to love as we have been loved, to forgive as we have been forgiven, to trust His Word, His promise, and His work.

The promise of complete and total peace is yours in Christ. His peace has already begun and, together, we will rejoice in its completion. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

Excerpt from “Advent of Peace” by Paul Koch